Events branding for Africa

Global events business Hyve approached us to develop a brand for a new sustainable energy in Africa conference to be held in Cape Town. Hyve also asked us to consult on the name for the event and after testing a series of options we settled on Green Energy Africa Summit and developed an eye-catching, contemporary brand marque and colour palette.

Our success with this launch brand led to requests to design and implement a social media blitz in the run up to the conference and subsequently to us doing the same for Hyve’s long-established Africa Oil Week event. Both campaigns focused on reasons to attend the events, leveraging their stellar speaker list, the large number of government representatives attending and the topicality of the issues covered. With clear buy-now messages and package discounts the campaigns drove high delegate sales and ultimately helped to deliver record attendance.

As well as hearing about developments in their sector, one of the key reasons for attending these events is to make contacts and meet prospective trading partners. Hyve asked us to develop branding for its innovative Hosted Meetings product, a tool for curating pre-qualified meetings for delegates who want to maximise the value of their time at the events. The Hosted branding was rolled out at Hyve’s African Mining Indaba events, for which we again developed and implemented a highly successful social media campaign.