Colour and trend forecasting

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company. It is critical that they demonstrate authority and leadership in colour, colour forecasting and trends. ThisCity worked with AkzoNobel to develop the brand ColourFutures. Now a globally recognised name in its industry, ColourFutures draws on a variety of national and international sources, from fine art to technology, design to nature, architecture to fashion, and music to popular culture. All this takes place a year in advance, in order to give those in the design industry the information they need to keep up to date with all trend developments.

This premium hardback guide combines lavish photography and styling with inspiring trend analysis from Akzonobel’s leading design gurus and industry analysis. A flagship document for interior designers and creatives in architecture and engineering, Colour Futures is produced in 14 languages and disrtibuted to commentators and design professionals in more than 42 countries.

Content for global marketing

ThisCity worked with AkzoNobel to develop the brand and communications including the ColourFutures book. Our designers, stylists, photographers, set builders, retouchers and print teams worked closely to ensure the highest quality and colour accuracy.

Colour accuracy in print to match AkzoNobel’s exacting colour standards is demanding and technically challenging. Our award-winning print partner is one of the most technically able printers in the world. Producing the book in eleven languages with sixteen different brands and distributing around the world to countries such as India, China, Vietnam and Brazil demands logistical excellence and great planning.